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Whitening and Bleaching

We provide whitening & bleaching treatment to those patients who are looking for a brighter and more radiant smile. The treatment is helpful in cases where the teeth are discolored or stained. Now getting brighter and whiter teeth has become easy, as all you need to do is book an appointment with our office for a same day in office whitening treatment!

The CV Dental team is excellent at removing the brown or yellow stains from the teeth to free them from any discoloration. Our treatment offers little to no side effects and delivers excellent results. Trust us with your smile and dazzle with a whitening glow.

We use a bleaching procedure that is not only safe and affordable but also delivers quick results. We use bleaching to lighten both the upper and lower teeth to bring back your healthy smile.

Whether the discoloration has been caused by staining, aging or chemical harm, our bleaching treatment will help in the majority of cases. Low cost and ongoing bleaching treatments are available at our office that will save you money that would otherwise be spent testing a variety of other solutions that typically yield poorer results.

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